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 This fun, easy, and simple online course will take you from zero to ready to start your own hive in eight short hours!


Broken into easy-to -follow 20-30-minute sessions you can complete at your own pace and in the comfort, safety, and privacy of your own home. 


Upon completion you will receive your coveted American Honeybee Academy Certificate.


Get started today on your new adventure, because that is what bee keeping is an amazing and enlightening adventure that is full of rewarding experiences and the opportunity to help the honeybee thrive.


Course Topics Include:

  • Why are Honeybees so Important?
  • Types of Honeybees
  • The Queen, The Worker, And the Drone
  • Bee’s life
  • Bee Anatomy
  • Bee Terminology
  • Threats to Bees and how to combat them
  • The Hive
  • Tools of the Trade
  • The Smoker
  • Time, Money, Space Investment
  • Legal Issues around bee keeping
  • Rewards of Bee Keeping
  • Designing Your bee Yard
  • Ordering your Bees
  • Installing Your Bees
  • Inspecting your hive what you are looking for
  • Swarming and prevention methods
  • Seasonal Management
  • Harvesting
  • Selling your honey and other products
  • Raising Queens
  • Meade Making

Basic Honey Bee Course

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