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Everything there is to know about Honey.


Does Honey Expire?

Honey never expires, as long as it is 100% pure like WATSON’S Honey, as a matter; honey was found in jars in ancient Egyptian tombs and was edible.

Where is the best place to store honey?

You can store honey. anywhere that is cool and dry and it will be just fine.

The honey in my jar has hardened. What should I do?

If the honey in your jar hardens, that means it 100% pure; all you have to do is warm it by placing thejar in a bowl of hot water or in the top portion of a double boiler on med/low and the honey will go back to liquid form and be just fine to consume.

What's a single serving size of honey? 

That is an individual taste choice but a table spoon in coffee or tea is perfect.

Can I bake with Watson's Honeybees honey?

Yes! You can bake with honey and it’s much better for you than sugar.

Are there any preservatives in the honey?

in some other brands there may be, but if you buy 100% pure, raw honey from an apiary like Watson's Honeybees, there is nothing in our jars except 100% pure honey.

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