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Welcome to Watson's Honeybee Farm!

“Where we love Honeybees !!!”

Honeybees are absolutely amazing little creatures that exemplify the meaning of team work, industry, and organization. Every morning as the sun peaks over the eastern horizon they emerge from their hive to start the days labor and I marvel at the sheer beauty and mystery of nature at work and the role these awe inspiring workers play in the web of life.

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Watson's Honeybees

Troy, Ohio

Our Promise:

We’re dedicated to providing our customers with the finest honey products that are ethically sourced while helping honeybees thrive, raising awareness, and educating as many people as possible on the importance honeybees play in all of our lives.

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The sun peeks over the horizon...

as the new day dawns, Watson (The Honey Hound) yawns & stretches as he surveys his apiary looking for evidence of any honey robbers and other nocturnal ne’er-do-wells from the night before.

You see, Watson is a precocious Coton De Tulier Pup; who has worked in the apiary by our side since the very beginning. 

At first, he was as wary of the buzzing little creatures that zipped, waggled, and zoomed around us as he was curious of them, but over the years we've both grown to respect and love these amazing little insects... in spite of the occasional sting.

 Watson's favorite duty is that of chief honey sampler and quality control engineer. He takes this responsibility very seriously as he wants to ensure that the honey you receive is the finest, most pure, golden ambrosia anywhere.

And it is widely rumored that Watson is currently working on a secret family recipe for a delicious and refreshing Mead, but he’s not saying much at the moment, but we'll be sure to keep you posted!

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