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Honey with Heart...


On a quaint little family farm in Southern Ohio, where the summers are sweet and Autumn means fields of golden flowers, over 60,000 Honey Bees live in peace. 


100% RAW. 100% PURE.

We’re dedicated to providing the finest honey, that are ethically sourced, and help honeybees thrive. We're committed to raising awareness and educating as many people as possible on the important role honey bees play in all of our lives.

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Our most beloved

Watson, our beloved family Coton De Tulear, was our most faithful beekeeper.


Whenever Beekeeper Bill went out to check on the hives, Watson would trot out behind him and keep a watchful eye over everything.

Watson always loved the very best and freshest food - blueberries, carrots, apples, and of course honey! So we decided to name the wonderful honey our hives produce in honor of his memory.

To this day, we keep a small garden filled with seasonal flowers that the bees love in the spot he loved to watch them from so Watson can still keep an eye on his bees.

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